01 September 2008


epigone • \EP-uh-gohn\ noun
: follower, disciple; also : an inferior imitator
Example Sentence:
No one can accuse Lara of being an epigone; her artistic style is uniquely her own!

Did you know?
English borrowed "epigone" from German in the 19th century.
The Germans themselves had taken the word from the Latin "epigonus," which means "successor."
The Latin term followed the Greek "epigonos," which was often used in plural to designate the sons of seven legendary Greek leaders who were defeated at Thebes.
"Epigonos" in turn came from the Greek verb "epigignesthai," meaning "to be born after."
"Epi-" can mean "after," and "gignesthai" means "to be born."

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