04 September 2008

phrasal verbs (actualizados semanalmente)

To cut off - cortar /desconectar

They'll cut your electricity off if you don't pay the bill. -
Te cortarán la luz si no pagas la factura.

To think through - planificar

Think it through before you do it. -

Planifícalo punto por punto antes de que lo hagas.

To look up to - Admirar

He's always looked up to his father.

- Siempre admiró a su padre.

crop up- aparecer por azar

to appear by chance.

Officials fear that the virus could crop up in the United States. Interest in international issues has cropped up on many university campuses.

to cut down (on)
- reducir (el consume de)

We're going to have to cut down on our expenses. -
Vamos a tener que reducir nuestros gastos.

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