30 September 2008

small pleasures

What small pleasures make your day and bring the moment alive for you?

-Getting to the stop just as the bus pulls in (especially when finding the bus empty)
-Reading the books or e-mails or my favourite blogs when I should be working.
-Laughing so hard with my kids,or my friends that I can’t breathe
-Seeing green things
-The weight of a sleeping child in your arms.
- Putting henna on my hands.
-Ginger, cinnamon, mint chocolat biscuits.
-Drinking tea in a mug.
-Walking in long grass.
-The sun on your face on a mild day.
-Having the kids in bed with me.
-The smell of just-washed bed-linen
-The feeling of warm water on my bath.
-a book good to lose myself in.
- and so on...

and you?

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