12 September 2008

ways to say thank you...

We’ve had a few questions about how to say “thank you” and I thought I’d post a message here. I’ve split up (divided) the ways to say “thank you” and the appropriate (suitable; acceptable) responses under two categories: “more formal” and “less formal.” However, the situation and your inflection (change in your voice) will help determine how formal it is.

~ Lucy

More Formal:
Thank you very much/Thanks very much
Thank you so much
Many thanks
Thank you

Responses (More Formal):
You’re welcome
It’s my pleasure
It was the least I could do
That’s really not necessary
. . .

Less Formal:
Thanks a lot
Much appreciated
Thanks a million

Responses (Less Formal):
No problem
No sweat
Don’t mention it
Forget it
It’s nothing

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