05 October 2008


crisp [krɪsp]
I adjetivo
1 (tostada, fritos, fruta) crujiente
2 (verduras) fresco,-a
3 (billete de banco, etc) nuevo,-a
4 (aire) frío,-a y vigorizante
5 (persona) seco,-a, tajante
II n GB (potato) crisp, patata frita (de bolsa)

-crisp air: pelo encrespado
-crisp apple: manzana crujiente
-crisp white: blanco inmaculado

-'crisp' in this sense is to do with the feel of the material and has nothing to do with its colour. In a book, for example, someone may talk about the glorious feeling of slipping between crisp, white sheets. It's the feel which counts - that they are freshly laundered, probably using starch, and there is a slight resistence as you get into them.

Its crisp black and white or black

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