04 October 2008

I hate when...

-you run to pick up the phone and it just stops ringing then
-you wait ages for someone and they ring an hour later saying they're not coming anymore
-you're late for class and everyone's staring at you
-people let you down
-the bus takes ages to arrive
-that one person lifts their hand to ask a question when there's one minute for the lesson to be over
-the battery of your mobile dies during an awesome conversation
-realising that you have no/less money for something you really want
-not knowing what everyone's talking about
-it's so windy that tears stream down your face and ruin your hair
-it rains and you have no umbrella and decided to wear one of those scarves that shrivel in the rain
-you wave and it wasn't intended for you
-someone asks you to do a favour, when really it's a command
-people are so condescending
-you go to return an item only to get it put onto your 'credit'
-the item you bought full price yesterday is on sale today
-changes occur with things I'm comfortable with
-technology won't agree with me
-you have to learn a skill which everyone seems to be ace at and I'm rubbish
-people complain!!
I have loads more, but this is what I can think of on the top of my head!

(by drinking draindrops)

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