07 October 2008


slink [slɪɳk] vi (ps & pp slunk) (con adverbio) mover sigilosamente
to slink away, escabullirse

slink /slɪŋk/ verbo intransitivo (past & past p slunk) (+ adv compl):
to ~ off o away escabullirse
Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:(conj.⇒)

- And a momma who might just be slinking back into the library without kids for awhile.
- I’m not slinking into the shadows
- Why are you slinking!
He slunk into the kitchen and stole a cake.
A mysterious cat used to slink through the yard.

slink (slngk)
v. slunk (slngk) also slinked, slink·ing, slinks
To move in a quiet furtive manner; sneak: slunk away ashamed; a cat slinking through the grass toward its prey.
To give birth to prematurely: The cow slinked its calf.
An animal, especially a calf, born prematurely.
Born prematurely.

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