19 October 2008

to take a liking to

to take a liking to
caer bien , agradar, gustar, simpatizar.

'I took a liking to our new teacher the moment i met her'.

['laɪkɪɳ] nombre
1 afición, gusto: I have a great liking for Bach, me gusta mucho Bach
2 (hacia una persona) simpatía, cariño: she's taken a liking to you, te ha cogido cariño

-I'm liking this so far!
-I'm liking what I'm hearing.
- I'm liking your stuff here.
- I'm liking the Vintage Cooking.
- I'm liking the idea of meeting you now.

Compound Forms:
my liking
mi afición por
my liking
mi gusto por
to your liking
al gusto de usted
to your liking
a tu gusto

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