28 February 2009

How make yourself miserable...

Are you making yourself miserable? If it's chronic, you might not even realize you're doing so.
It may feel normal to you.

So here are some guidelines. If you're doing some of these things, you probably are making yourself miserable:

  1. Trying to lose weight
  2. Eating low-calorie food
  3. Eating large volumes of low-cal food which stretches your stomach and makes it feel empty
  4. Dreading the holidays
  5. Wearing clothes that are too tight
  6. Comparing your body type to that of others
  7. Starving yourself

If you see yourself in any of these, you're making yourself miserable, and may have been doing so for some time now. Surely you can think of some more, too.

What's the alternative to misery? The alternative is to quit. Quit trying to lose weight. Quit eating something other than what you would like to eat. Quit dieting. Just stop.

Now, ask yourself. What comes up for you, now that I've said these things to you? Could it be:

1. But my relatives will view me as a failure
2. But I might gain weight
3. But I don't trust myself

I'm sure you can add to this list of objections. Why not write some down, in fact, and publish them on the Diet Survivors message board? We all have them. Do share! Then we can laugh at ourselves.

Then ask yourself: pleasing others is making you miserable? Fear of something that might or might not happen is making you miserable? Lack of self-trust is making you miserable? What the heck are you doing?

After examining your objections and when you feel ready, chuck the objections. Decide you won't make yourself miserable any more. Re-discover how to be a normal eater. Lighten up. It's a party. Have a drink. Learn to laugh.

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