10 January 2010

how true that is...

I do believe that I am opening. And I am climbing out of the box that I've been living in and seeing all the dust that has settled around me and I am washing it away.

A slow and arduous task it is. I am hating it and relishing it at the same time.

I do believe I've heaved myself out of a tiny little box only to find that I am within yet another, bigger box and will have to heave myself out of that one and stand on top of it as well. And wash another world of floors. And when I am done, I will do it all over again.

A constant shifting and reshaping of life. Constant change. I read the other day, "We are all unfinished portraits." How true that is. How utterly boring life would be if we got to where we wanted to go and stayed there. Closed the box. And let the dust settle.


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