09 August 2010

Ellen Gustafson-Co-founder of FEED and creator of The 30 Project

(see the video above)
This is one of the comments posted to discuss this talk,
I wholeheartedly agree to raise the price of a bag of chips (starting with any Frito Lay product) to a punitively high retail price, the same way that cigarettes are expensive - and for the same reason. Since so much of junk food contains HFCS or MSG (an excitotoxin which inhibits leptin production and the consumer doesn't feel full and keeps eating, leading to obesity) in addition to sodium and such, products of this type ought not be classified as food since they are highly processed. Shelf life and travel time to market have led to high processing levels in food and the addition of toxins for the purpose of preservation. If we ever get around to more local growing and utilizing manpower in the growing and harvesting of our food, we'll use less pertoleum, clean up the air, eat healthier and lose some unwanted fat. (by Tom Henkel)

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