03 August 2010

a little story...

I have a 2 year old named Seven. Yes, his name really is Seven and NO, we did not name him that after the Seinfeld episode. I get asked that a lot. Truth be told, there are lots of reasons we named him that, but the main one is that we were infertiles. Infertiles that were told in December of 2006 that there was very little chance for us to have a baby, and that despite all of our fertility treatments, no one was getting born any time soon on our watch. So we went to Europe on a cruise for our 7th anniversary a month later, and while in Rome, the City of Seven Hills, after a stop in Cairo to see the only remaining 7th Wonder of the World, I found out in the Ospedale San Giacomo that I was pregnant. Seven weeks pregnant on my 7th Anniversary. So, our lucky little Seven was born almost 7 months to the day later, and here we are. Now you know.
"truth is stranger than fiction"- I can tell you-

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