27 November 2010

by a quirk of fate...

- according to the urban dictionary:
Something that happens to you that you didn't expect - but mostly good things. Being quirky isn't bad, it's just DIFFERENT.

-It was a quirk of fate that brought you to me.
-Melissa and Tiffany take first major honours this season with title at St Boswells, indeed, they win by a quirk of fate.
-A few years ago, by a quirk of fate, I stumbled across my dream house.

By a quirk of fate -> por uno de esos caprichos del destino.
Mr. and Mrs. Brown, Ipswich, Massachusetts, 2009
By a quirk of fate, the settling ground has gradually caused these gravestones to lean towards each other in a gesture of companionship. They mark the graves of a married couple, Abner and Sarah Brown. They died less than a year apart in 1818 and nearly 200 years later, their tombstones are tilting towards each other as if reaching for an embrace. I converted the image to black and white to complement the background, which speaks of eternity.

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