05 January 2011

Everything is - falling into place-

I know it sounds wrong / And I don't have the face
But lately everything / Is falling into place
I know it sounds dumb / But it ain't no disgrace
It just feels so damn good / To be out of the race
I know it sounds strange / To really feel free
But how can you complain
If it's the way it's meant to be
You know I got a pop heart / What else can I say?
I love a simple tune / That anyone can play
See this little girl / She's 7 years old
You listen to her sing / And you listen to her soul
So what is the need / For all (of) us as a race
So why, oh! all the greed / If it's gone in a day
And everything's falling into place...
(Everything is, everything is)
I know it sounds wrong…

I just listen to this song and I listen to his soul...
I enjoyed both the lyrics and the video
people said that his videos are so international and people are right,
it could be any Spanish family in wonderful summer holidays...
Enjoy it!

note: Kevin was born in Alaska (in Fairbanks to be exact), but grew up in Argentina since the age of 12. Born of Argentine mother and American father.
See -if you want to- his biography here. 'The Nada'- band founded by himself in New York- surprises constantly due to its eclecticism, bilingual lyrics and the subtleness of its songs.

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