07 January 2011

How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog

this is not a suggestion nor a new year resolution...
it's a film I've just watched on TV and I loved it pretty much
summary: Shy, chain-smoking, insomniac Peter McGowan is an L.A. playwright with a string of hits that preceded his current ten years of failed productions. His mother-in-law is sinking into senility, a stranger is meandering the neighborhood claiming to be him, neighbors have a new dog that barks all night; his wife wants to have a child, and he does not: he's become impotent. He's working on a new play when a single mom moves in next door with her 8-year-old daughter. His wife immediately invites the girl into the McGowan household. Will this child stir Peter's paternal feelings? Will she also help him get his dialogue right? And what of his doppelganger and the neighbor's dog?
and it was funny to listen to the characters singing this very song

note: In fiction, folklore, and popular culture, a doppelgänger is a tangible double of a living person that typically represents evil. It is also incorrectly used as the colloquial for the double or look-alike of a person, such as a twin.
Personally, I think that in the movie is referred rather as an 'alter ego'.

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