12 May 2012

Look both ways


It was directed -and written- by Sarah Watt, an Australian filmmaker and animator.More than most directors, her films drew on her personal experiences. Her 2005 film, Look Both Ways, gorgeously incorporated animation into live action to tell a story about a man (played by her husband William McInnes) coping with a cancer diagnosis, which she was dealing with herself at the time.

On a Friday after a horrific train crash, three newsmen in Adelaide must take stock: Nick, a photojournalist, learns he has cancer; Andy, a writer with two children who has a bad relationship with his ex, learns his girlfriend Anna is pregnant; Phil, an editor, realizes he's missing his children's growing up. That afternoon, Meryl, an artist who illustrates sympathy cards and constantly imagines disasters, witnesses a train accident kill a man. At the crash site, she meets Nick, and a relationship flowers over the next three days which makes them both question their lives, wants and needs. Nick's mother, Andy's kids and ex, the dead man's girlfriend, the driver of the train, and his son round out an ensemble of grief and sorrow as each character becomes linked to another through the train accident.

Sadly she died last year.
Actor Andrew Gilbert  said: I think she just had an ability to see in the mundane or in the normal what was going on beneath the surface and to capture it.

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