13 September 2008

the fast the best

One thing that Americans are known for is their love of fast service. We want things now, and the faster the better.

This is true for our food, too. Americans already eat a lot of fast food. We order our hamburgers, fried chicken, or pizzas, and it’s made quickly. Many people use the drive-through and order their food without leaving their cars.

However, for some Americans, the wait at the drive-through is still too long. One recent survey found that about 70% of Americans won’t wait more than five minutes in a drive-through line.

How can restaurants make service even faster? Many large restaurant chains are now accepting electronic orders online (using the Internet) and with text-messaging (electronic messages sent from a cell phone). A large pizza restaurant chain, Pizza Hut, says that they get 30 electronic orders every minute!

~ Lucy

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