14 October 2008

Adjectives about personality

spoilt: children behave badly because they are given everything they want.
competitive: people always wan to win.
selfish: people think about themselves and not about other people.
agressive: people get anglry quickly and like fighting and arguing.
charming: people have an attractive personality that makes people like them.
sensible: people have common sense and are practical.
sociable: people are friendly and enjoy being with other people.
manipulative: people are good at influencing other people to do what they want.
moody: people are happy one minute and sad the next, and are often bad-tempered.
independent: people like doing things on their own, without help.
bossy: people like giving orders to other people.
affectionate: people show that they love or like people very much.
reliable: people are people you can trust or depend on.
sensitive: people understand other people's feelings or are easily hurt or offended.
ambitious: people want to be succesful in life.
jealous: people think that someone loves another person more than them, or wants wuant other people have.
Are they positive, negative or neutral characteristics?

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