04 October 2008

If the Seven Dwarfs have a leader, it has to be Doc (though he's far too good-natured to ever make it official). When there's an important decision to be made, Doc is usually the one to make it. After returning to the cottage to find it mysteriously tidied up, he nervously demands: "Search every cook an' nanny, uh, hook an' granny, uh, crooked fan -- uh, search everywhere." Doc's mind often works faster than his mouth when he's excited, but his judgment's always sound. Doc takes it upon himself to convince his fellows that the hardships they must endure in allowing Snow White to stay are worth it -- even that strange custom of washing up. And only he knows how to get that "old warthog" Grumpy into the wash trough.

Sometimes Doc himself doesn't know how wise he is. As the dwarfs leave for the mine after Snow White arrives, he warns Snow White, "Now don't forget, my dear, the old Queen's a sly one, full of witchcraft. So beware of strangers."

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