04 October 2008


Without Happy around, Grumpy might not be quite as grumpy. For Happy's just too infernally cheerful about everything. When the dwarfs think there's a monster hidden under the blankets, Happy cheerily asks, "Which end do we kill?" And when the "monster" turns out to be a slumbering Snow White, Happy's even happier. But not even he can find any joy in his life after Snow White's bitten into the Witch's apple and fallen into a sleeping death. With any luck he'll get to live up to his name again someday ...

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New Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:
happy /'hæpi/ adjetivo -pier, -piest
    1. (joyful, content) ‹person/homefeliz;
      smilede felicidad, alegre
    1. (pleased) (pred) to be ~ alegrarse
    1. (satisfied) (pred) to be ~ (with sth) estar(conj.⇒) contento (con algo)
  1. days/occasionfeliz;
    ~ birthday feliz cumpleaños
happy:happy-go-lucky /'hæpigəʊ'lʌki/ adjetivo

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