04 October 2008


No matter what anyone says, Grumpy is against it. This know-it-all naysayer has the disposition of an old boot: tough, craggy, and resistant to anything. When the dwarfs first find Snow White lying asleep across their beds, Grumpy gripes, "Angel, huh? She's female, an' all females is poison! They're full o' wicked wiles." When Bashful asks, "What're wicked wiles?" Grumpy admits, "I don't know, but I'm agin 'em." Like many an old boot, however, this one's really a softy inside. When Snow White kisses him on the forehead despite his complaints, he even smiles for a moment before regaining his mal-composure. Could it be that Grumpy may be grumpy partially to see who cares enough to put up with him? Whatever its source, his stubborn determination eventually proves invaluable. When the forest animals warn of trouble so dire that even his bossy rival, Doc, stammers, "What do we do?" it's Grumpy who leads the charge to save Snow White from the Wicked Queen.

grumpy ['grʌmpɪ] adj (grumpier, grumpiest) gruñón, -ona, malhumorado,-a: he's often grumpy when he wakes up, a menudo se despierta de mal humor

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