04 October 2008

The Seven Dwarf: Dopey

Dubbed "Dopey" by his brothers, this loose-limbed dwarf has never spoken a word; as Happy explains to Snow White, "He never tried." But Dopey isn't really dopey, he's just childlike. Is it dopey to try and steal a second and third kiss from Snow White on your way to work, or to make yourself tall enough to dance with her by climbing on Sneezy's shoulders? Not at all. Dopey's a genius at fun and games (and a whiz at the drums to boot). He just doesn't mind looking silly along the way. So what if he wiggles his ears and shuffles his feet to his own skippity-skip beat? He's simply being himself, and that's pretty smart.

dopey, dopy /'dəʊpi/ adjetivo dopier, dopiest (colloq)
  1. (stupid) lelo (fam), bobo (fam)
  1. (befuddled) atontado, grogui (fam)

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