08 October 2008

It amazes me...

I hadn't met Tobias before this weekend, but he is the kind of warm, engaging person who you can't help but adore on first meeting. Stress levels were a bit high the day before the wedding, but I've never seen anyone handle it the way he did- his reaction to being snapped at was no different than his reaction to a smile; he always smiles back. He seems to have an endless store of patience. How is he able to grin in any situation? It amazes me. I watched him this weekend, trying to learn the secret, trying to memorize something of his attitude- next time I find myself complicating a simple situation, perhaps I can call upon that.
I know it's obvious that we learn something from everyone we meet, but rarely is it such a fundamental lesson. It was nice to be reminded in such an agreeable way that I have a lot to learn.

grin [grɪn]
I verbo intransitivo
1 sonreír abiertamente: the little boy grinned from ear to ear, el pequeño sonreía de oreja a oreja
II nombre sonrisa amplia: he had a broad grin on his face, sonreía abiertamente
LOC: to grin and bear it, poner al mal tiempo buena cara

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