08 October 2008

...police said.

Police issue warning after sexual assault attempt
Calgary police are investigating reports of an attempted sexual assault in South Glenmore Park.A woman was walking through the park at about 7 p.m. Monday when she noticed a man who seemed to be following her, police said.The woman, 25, said she slowed down to let him pass and even took a different route when the pathway split. Shortly afterwards, a man grabbed her from behind and tried to push her to the ground.The woman screamed and fought him off, police said.She described her attacker as black, 16 to 20 years of age, more than six feet tall, with a slim build."Although the streets and pathways of Calgary are relatively safe places to be, there are some simple safety steps you can take, especially when out alone," police said in a release.Police recommend that people pay attention to their surroundings, stay in busy, well-lit areas, avoid being out alone and conceal electronic equipment that may attract robbers."If you are suspicious of someone, trust your instincts," police said.
issue ['ɪʃjʊ:]
I nombre
1 tema, cuestión
the key issue, la cuestión clave
2 (de una revista) número
3 (de billetes) venta
4 (de dinero) emisión
(de documentos) expedición
5 descendencia
II verbo transitivo
1 (dinero) emitir
2 (una revista) publicar
3 (billetes, documentos) expedir
4 (instrucciones) dar
5 (provisiones, armas) distribuir, repartir
III verbo intransitivo salir
LOC: the point at issue is..., se trata de...
to face the issue, afrontar el problema
to make an issue of sthg, concederle demasiada importancia a algo
to take issue with sb, no estar de acuerdo con alguien [on/over, sobre]

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