05 January 2009


Hello? ........................ ¿Hola?
May I speak to Mr Peterman, please? Podría hablar con el Sr Peterman, por favor?
Hold the line, please. Espere en línea, por favor.
Please dial the extension number. Por favor disque el número de interno.
I was cut off. Me cortaron.
Hang up, please. Corte, por favor.
Can I take a message? ¿Quiere dejarle un mensaje?
The line is dead. No se oye nada.
I'll call back later. Llamaré más tarde.
This is an answering machine. Please leave a message after the beep.
Este es un contestador automático. Por favor deje su mensaje después de la señal.
I would like to make a collect call to...
Quisiera realizar una llamada por cobro revertido a...

Mrs Newman: Hello?
Kevin: Hi. Is this 754-9856?
Mrs Newman: Yes.
kevin: I have tried several times and the line was always busy.
Mrs Newman: Oh, yes. I was using the phone.
Kevin: May I speak to Lily, please?
Mrs Newman: She's not at home right now.
Kevin: Could you leave her a message?Mrs Brenton: Sure.
kevin: Tell her I will call back at 8 o'clock.
Mrs Newman: OK. I will.
Kevin: Thank you, Mrs Newman. Goodbye!
Mrs Newman: Bye, bye.

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