24 January 2010

the power of a hug


The specific energy frequencies and wave patterns that arise in the human system under the influence of love have extremely powerful healing properties. A simple hug can set in motion a whole healing response by 'injecting' a does of love energy from hugger to huggee, and this effect can be scientifically verified in the clinic by testing the huggee's blood for the presence of antibodies, hormones and neurochemicals associated with the PNI healing response, both before and immediately after the hug has been administered.

Here again we can see another largely unrecognized factor in the drastic decline in human health throughout the industrialized world today, where loneliness and alienation, anger and hostility, have displaced communal feelings of love in the hearts of so many people. Nor is it any coincidence that immune deficiency diseases have become most rampant in the most technologically advanced societies, where 'old fashioned' love has become rather unfashionable and science is regarded as a know-all and cure-all for everything.

Fashionable or not, love is still the keynote that awakens the healing power of mind, because love motivates the fundamental force of creation throughout the universe. When it comes to healing the body, a little bit of love goes a long way, for it mobilizes the energies and stimulates the secretions involved in the body's own innate healing responses.

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