15 January 2010

a window of opportunity

window of opportunity
A short period of time during which an opportunity must be acted on or missed.

"Most nights when our pipes freeze, it is really no big deal because usually by noon our pipes unfreeze and the water flows again. In these cases, I have a small window of opportunity to be creative and get things washed, coffee made, tea made and my shower before we lose water. I also fill up water pitchers for the morning use."

The small window of opportunity for immigration reform.

The low tide at 0630 aligned with sunrise to give me a small window of opportunity to photograph the rusted iron anchors and and part of the capstan from the shipwrecked French barque Marie Gabrielle (1869) embedded in the reef. The ship was on route from China with a load of tea when it hit the reef after being forced ashore by strong winds. This far eastern section of Victoria’s Shipwreck Coast seems to be much overlooked by travelers to the area but well worth the short detour off the Great Ocean Road.

Marie Gabrielle's Rusty Anchor

Picture by Cain Doherty

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