26 February 2010

I had an inkling...

- She had an inkling that something was wrong
. I had no inkling I was ill.
- “I had a bit of an inkling it might win,” she says.
- I had no inkling of what was going on until she told me all about it.
- I had no inkling of his real purpose until much later...
so, the next time you have an inkling, write it down

ink·ling (iŋkliŋ) noun
  1. an indirect suggestion; slight indication; hint
  2. a vague idea or notion; suspicio
inkling (n.) = idea, noción Ex: Her experience with many children has shown that often they can repeat sentences and read quite well without any inkling of what they are saying.
*get + an inkling = hacerse una idea
*give + an inkling of = dar una idea de
*have + an inkling of = tener una idea de, hacerse una idea de
(Toni's English Spanish LIS Dictionary)

inkling /'ɪŋklɪŋ/ n uncountable:
I had an ~ something had gone wrong
tuve el presentimiento (o el pálpito) de que algo había salido mal

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