20 June 2010

8 Common Workplace Expressions

1- put on the map; This new product will put us on the map. (nos hará muy conocidos)
2- We hired Tom because he is  computer savvy. (sabe mucho de ordenadores)
3- If our competitors don't comply, we're going to play hardball. (in a tough way) (duro)
4- Today our boss and our finance department went out for a power lunch. (discuss business over lunch)
5- We worked hard on our sales pitch but the bottom line is that we didn't make the sale.
6- I just have to tweak a little bit and then it wil be finished.
7-flying by the seat of your pants. Tom's presentations are bad. He's always flying by the seat of his pants.
8- number cratching (hacer cálculos)- I'm going to go back to my office and crunch some numbers

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