16 July 2010

wrap up, drop by, swing by

  •  whip something up (verb): prepare quickly. Let's whip something up for tonight's party. A few games and some snacks should be fine.
  •  set aside (verb): reserve, allow, or give a certain amount to. You have to set aside enough time to study for your classes. / Be sure to set aside enough money to pay the books.
  • stay up (verb): not go to bed.  I almost never stay up past midnight.
  •  pick up (phrasal verb): buy something. Could you  pick up some white socks from the store on your way home from work?
  •  work out (phrasal verb): going well.   The new job schedule has really worked out for them.
  • wrap up (phrasal verb): to finish. We need to wrap up this project by the end of the week.
  • drop by (phrasal verb): to visit. Please drop by  my place on your way home from work.
  • swing by (phrasal verb): drop by, stop by. I need to  swing by the store and pick up some fish for lunch.
  • head down (phrasal verb): go down.  I'll head down to the supermarket after dinner to pick up some fruit. 

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