16 July 2010

renting an apartment

  • lease (noun): Be sure to read the lease very carefully  before you sign it.
  • split (v): If we split the rent, then each person will only have to pay $150.
  • vacancy-ies (noun): rooms not being used or rented. Do you have any vacancies starting next month?
  • furnished (adj): containing furniture, for example, a sofa, tables, and washing machine. I decided to rent a furnished apartment so I wouldn't have to buy so many things
  • utilities (noun): public services including water, gas, and electricity. How much do you pay for utilities each month?
- The rent for that apartment is really steep, so I'll look for a cheaper one.
- My roommates trashed the apartment, so they didn't get back their deposit.
- The tenant down the hall always make a lot of noise late at night.
commute (v): to travel between home and work or school. I have to commute two hours each day to get to work.

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