25 February 2011

a brag file...and its use

Go On… Brag About Yourself!

What is a brag file and how do you use it in an interview?
A brag file is just exactly what it says, it’s something that provides evidence to help you brag about yourself in an interview. Historically a brag file has predominantly been used by people who are being interviewed for positions in sales. However, as evidence-based interviewing is becoming increasingly popular for many different types of positions, the role of the brag file is relevant to the majority of people.
What’s included? Your brag file should include any evidence of your skills, experience, qualifications and achievements i.e. information that demonstrates your value to future employers. This may include:
  • Educational certificates
  • Awards
  • Emails of thanks or positive feedback
  • Quantifiable results
  • Appraisals
  • Examples of your work
How do you use it? Make sure that you proactively show your brag file to the interviewer, don’t wait to be asked for it. You should know your way around your brag file so that you can easily source the document that provides the relevant evidence. By doing this you can greatly strengthen your answer and consequently your success at interview.
A brag file can also be useful for appraisals and in any situation where you are doubting yourself – as a reminder of just how capable you are.
This entry was written by Judith Drysdale, Director & Coach at jdconsulting, www.jdconsulting.uk.com

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