10 June 2011

To spill the beans

spill the beans - divulge confidential information or secrets
If you spill the beans, you reveal a secret or confess to something.
Examples of use:
1. Everyone's trying to make me spill the beans about who will be our new teacher.
2. We wanted to surprise our parents with a party for their anniversary, but my brother spilled the beans.
3. News item: Workers at a printing company were asked not to spill the beans about their job printing programmes for the New Season.
4. Come on, spill the beans. Where are they going on their honeymoon?

5.  I've always loved the saying 'spill the beans', because it suggests that you're about to learn a delicious dark secret.
6. Britney Spears was ready to spill the beans about her sex life but her over-protective team gagged her at the last minute.
7. Karen and Arthur spill the beans on the new series.

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