21 April 2012

Hi there...
I've just seen an amazing and really complete blog about vintage time,
Although I love some vintage-things, others seem to me so corny...
Anyway, If you want to review this blog, click here
Lots of thoughts come to my mind especially when I look the very first advertisements
the way the call to our collective subconcious
and of course, the look of the cards, of the women in them...

"She sat alone in the black attic, smelling the one smell that did not seem to fade. It lingered like a sigh of satisfaction, on the air. She took a deep, long breath. 
The old, the familiar, the unforgettable scent of drugstore sarsaparilla." 
"A Scent of Sarsaparilla"  by Ray Bradbury, 1953.

This one is the style of  images I was looking for, gorgeous, isn't it?


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