22 April 2012

Listening to this talk on TED.com
I've remembered you, my potentially readers
and I founded it very interesting
that's why I'm writing now to invite you to listen to it.ç
have a look of this abstract talk:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology psychoanalyst and sociologist Sherry Turkle focuses on the human side of virtual communities on the Internet, rather than on the technology. Turkle's book 'The Second Self' brought her widespread recognition. In the book she combined her psychoanalytic tools with detailed observations of computer users. Recent popular attention is focussed on the sensational aspects of her work dealing with Internet sex. However, all of Turkle's work is based on the psychological issue of how computer interfaces are blurring the boundaries between humans and computers. Turkle is sought after by executives and consultants at major companies including America Online, Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center and McKinsey. (author)

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