19 June 2010

Ten common expression in English conversation

1- Twenty-four seven:
(means every minute of every day). ex. You can access our website 24/7
2- Get the ball rolling:
(let's start now, right now).
3- Take it easy:
(means relax).
4- Sleep on it:
(means every minute of every day). ex. I'll get back to you tomorrow, I have to sleep on it.
5- to be broke:
(means ' have no money'). ex. I'm broke (I'm have no money at all)
6- sharp:
(means 'on time, not be late'). ex.The meeting it's at 7 o'clock sharp!
7- like the back of my hand:
(means 'it's very familiar to you). ex. This school is like the back of my hand.

8- Give a hand:
(means 'help'). ex. Could you give me a hand?

9- In ages:
(means 'for a long long time'). ex. I haven't see you on ages.
10- sick and tired:
(means ' to hate something'). ex. I don't like, I'm sick and tired of it.

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