27 November 2010

Off the black

I've just seen this movie and I loved it. I'm  having a very good time with good films this morning...first I saw 'my best friend' a French movie, and then I was lucky to find this one.
In my opinion, Nick Nolte is a great actor, and Trevor Norman did also a great performance in this film. If you can, I absolutely recommend it. Enjoy it!

Not quite a home-run but a very good indie debut by first time director James Ponsoldt. There are no 'bells and whistles' to be found, just a well told story and some very fine performances. Nolte, in particular, totally embodies his characters ailments and addictions. The viewer can almost hear his bones creak with each movement. His voice is like a rake over gravel with the volume turned down. A very brave and fine performance.

Also worthy of mention are a very natural performance by Trevor Morgan, an understated Timothy Hutton and a surprise (to me) appearance by Sally Kirkland. A very nice movie for fans of indie films or character studies. 

note by the blogger:
Just 'off the black' is a baseball term for a pitch that's a fraction off from being a really good strike

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ES said...

Hi! It's a nice film. But I have failed to understand properly the title and the last phrase hence. I can't find anywhere the same baseball term. There is only "on the black" - a pitch that just nicks the edge of the zone for a called strike. So is "off the black" casuistic or so?